What is Operational Accounting?

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Operational Accounting integrates accounting data and operations.  It is critical for a business to understand the numbers all across the organization in order to succeed and grow to its potential.  Typically small to mid-size businesses understand the product or service they provide to their customers much better than their finances.  A lack of, or flawed, financial data compromises growth, profitability and creates a lot of stress and financial surprises that keeps a lot of business owners up at night. Operational Accounting starts off with accurate and timely transactional data.  The Business Owner, Operations team and the Accounting team work together to determine what data is necessary to reduce costs and increase profitability across the organization.  The Accounting team builds those needs into the daily data tracking process to provide that data without additional effort.  As the organization changes so does the data necessary.  These processes are continually reviewed to provide the alignment across the organization to create maximum profitability and efficacy.

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